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About PDF Exporting

GeoKone.NET can export your scene as scalable vector graphics, in PDF format. PDFs are great for importing into other programs for further editing, like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or other vector based programs.

The vector based scenes can be scaled to any resolution you want, and are great if you want to create prints, art, or when adding into your existing works, as the lines are drawn smoothly and with beautiful precision. You can also continue editing your scenes, as all the details are drawing part by part in the resulting PDF.

All of your previous exported PDFs will be stored at our server, and you can always re-download them without substracting downloads from your account.

Example PDF files

Couple of example PDF files created with GeoKone.NET (click to download PDF):

pdf example 1 pdf example 2 pdf example 2

Issues with Payments

Having issues with purchasing PDFs ? Please send e-mail to: contact AT geokone D0T net