GeoKone.NET is an Interactive Geometry Generator that runs in your browser.

Layers are stored in a Scene. You can Save & Load your Scenes on our cloud server, to continue working on them from anywhere, or locally as files.

You can also Export your Scene as High Resolution PNG images & resolution independent PDF vector images

GeoKone Works Best With modern versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers for the desktop.

Name GeoKone comes from the combination of Geometry and the Finnish word Kone. "Kone" meaning "Machine" in Finnish.

GeoKone is designed to be used with the combination of Keyboard and Mouse

You modify layers by changing their parameters, from the parameter settings.

  • Each layer contains one polygonal formation
  • Each polygonal formation is configured with a set of parameters
  • Layer parameters can be freely modified
  • Layers can be copied, deleted, arranged in depth
For effective modification of layers, use the keyboard together with the Adjust Modifiers as described below.

By default the currently selected layer is Active. You can select the active layer with the keys j/k and page up/page down, or by clicking in the layer container.

When the Geometry Canvas is focused, these keys adjust the layers:

↑ → ↓ ← Move Moves the layer
alt + ← → Rotate Rotates the layer
alt + ↑ ↓ Scale Scales the layer
j, k
pgdn, pgup
Select active layer j/pgdn Previous layer
k/pgup Next layer
c Copy Copies the selected layer
. Vertex point copy Copies layer along vertex points of the active layer
, Reset vertex copy Resets the cycle that vertex point copy uses
ctrl+x Delete Deletes selected layer
ctrl+n New Creates new default layer
[, ] Arrange layer [ Send Backward
] Bring Forward
ctrl+h Center horizontally Center layer horizontally in canvas
ctrl+v Center vertically Center layer vertically in canvas
1 Move

Move layer

2 Scale

Scale layer

3 Rotate

Rotate layer

4 Zoom

Zoom scene. Global setting for the whole scene.

These select the action for primary mouse button. Secondary mouse buttons always moves.

Key aspect of GeoKone are the global Adjust Modifiers, especially the Modify All flag. These modifiers change the way how the parameters of a layer are adjusted.

The Mod All modifier sets all the current layers Active. Press space to toggle.

Using Modify All is a key aspect in using GeoKone to modify all of your layers, create copies of them with C and continue editing the original layers which you just copied. This way you can create new patterns from the original patterns.

The Scale/Rot modifier changes the operation of the Arrow Keys. Hold down alt/option to enable.

By default the arrow keys Move the active layers. When Scale/Rot modifier is active, the ↑↓ keys Scale the layer, while ←→ Rotate it.

The Fine modifier scales down the amount of adjustment for keyboard operations. Hold shift to enable.

For example, by default the Move operation moves the layer by 16 pixels, but when Fine is enabled, it moves them by 1 pixel.

These commands modify a single parameter of a layer. Parameter modifiers are divided into increase/decrease key pairs.

a, z number of points Adjusts the number of points
s, x recursion depth

Controls how many levels of children this layer has. Increasing this will multiply the number of layers exponentially

Setting to 0 means no children

q, w child radius ratio

Adjust child radius ratio to parent

e, r line width

Adjust line width

f, v opacity Layer opacity, 0 .. 255
i, o point radius Set the Point Radius
y, u fixed number of child points

Set number of child points to fixed value

6, 7 number of child points ratio

Set number of points that the children have in relation to the parent.

NOTE: If fixed number of child points is set to > 0, ratio is ignored and fixed value used

b draw base

Toggle drawing of the base formation that the current polyform is built from.

Only effective if recursion Depth > 0. Base always drawn for layers with recursion depth of 0.

h fill shape Toggle filling the shape with the Fill Color
- (dash) draw lines

Toggle drawing of the lines

t draw points Toggle drawing of points at each vertex point
g stroke Toggle drawing of stroke
0 animation

Toggle Animation

p tracing

Toggle Animation Tracing. Draws traces of the layers, with opacity from Trace opacity. Toggling this will clear the previous traces.

' Step animation

Step animation one frame

8 layer rotation

Toggle Animation Rotation. Rotates at rotation velocity (degrees/second)

9 animation scaling

Toggle Animation Scaling. Scales the layer from Scale Min to Scale Max at scale frequency (Hz).

ctrl+r reset anim rotation and scaling

Reset Rotation and Scaling for layer

For more easier to understand layout, see the keyboard shortcut maps from 'Help/Keyboard Commands'! (direct links here: general, parameters, toggles)

Tutorial Videos

Watch these videos to understand how to use GeoKone.

GeoKone Tutorial :: Creating Sacred Geometry

I explain the basic parts of the User Interface, and show you how to create and manipulate geometry in GeoKone. Watch this first to get a good idea how GeoKone works.

Create Seed of Life with GeoKone

In this video I show you how to create the classical geometry piece known as "Seed Of Life" with GeoKone.NET.

Export frame-by-frame movie from GeoKone Tutorial

In this video we show how to export animations frame-by-frame from GeoKone.NET. With this method you can create for example .GIF animations by importing to a GIF -animation editor.